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Harry Major Machine specializes in designing and manufacturing automated parts handling systems, industrial parts washers, assembly machines, and special machines for use in a wide range of global industries. We can support your production requirements worldwide through our vast partner network.

We understand production part manufacturing and use our broad spectrum of experience to help you automate your manufacturing and production systems. Our knowledge and experience stems from a solid employee base. We employ people who understand manufacturing.

Our experience is based on fact not fiction.



conveyors - Roller Conveyors
- Palletized Conveyors
- Chain Conveyors
- Zone Conveyors
- Blue Steel Conveyors

Industrial Parts Washers

industrial parts washers - Robotic Washers
- Inline Washers
- Rotary Washers
- Flexible Washers
- Deburr Washers
- CMM Washers

Robot Integration

robot integration - Automatic Machine
Load & Unload
- Production Line Buffer Systems
- Gantry Robot Systems
- Flying Robots

Assembly Systems

assembly systems

- Automatic Assembly Stations
- Manual Assembly Stations
- Nut Runners
- Leak Test

Dunnage Handling Systems

dunnage handling systems - Pack-In and Pack-Out Systems
- Rack Handling Conveyors
- Dunnage Handling Conveyors
- Production Line Auto Load
& Unload Systems